Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask

I have mentioned in a couple of posts about how unreliable my skin can be when it comes to blemishes. But I feel I am slowly but surely finding ways to get it under control. I’ve never been a massive fan of face masks in the past. It’s nothing against face masks I just get really bored sitting waiting for the 15 minutes to be up, when I can remove the crumbling mess from my face. I spotted Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask and after a quick scan of the box I learnt it was a self heating, deep pore detox mask! hhmmm so I like self heating masks, I do have black heads and I do need to detox…..SOLD… in the basket it went.

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Battle of the Palettes

Being an old soul before my time I find my attendance at bars and night clubs is on the decline these days. I find it difficult to use every colour in my eye shadow palette! Especially those with a more edgy look in mind. I tend to gravitate towards those with more subtle tones that I can mix together for a natural look for my office job but I can also use to create a jazzy (yes I used the word jazzy) evening look. So here are my two favorite palettes that give me both without much fuss and without the inevitable horrid shade no one will touch that goes unused in the pan! I can honestly say I love all these colours and I am now on my second round of palette for both brands! So here goes…..

both palettes

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March Favourites

The early months of the year seem to have passed by in a blur! I feel like I have only just recovered from Winter, I’ve stuck my toe out the door into the new year air and Spring is very much here. I am looking out of my window pondering my garden and the new life that seems to be appearing every day…..trees, flowers, birds…even the odd bubble bee has made the brave decision to venture out! It seems Spring is a time for new beginnings, out with the old and in with the new. I want to wrap winter up and save it for next year along with all the comforts that come with it, baths, soup, candles and scarfs. So time to pull out the sandals, dust off the sunglasses and hope and pray for the first glimpse of sun on the horizon. With that brings me to the reason for this post! Its time for my March favourites and the discovery of some new products but also my rediscovery of old favourites :)


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Maybelline Brow Drama

I am a creature of habit and tend to go with tried and tested routines. I will stick to a product I like and buy it again and again. BUT….. I have tried to be bolder and the last few shopping splurges have included some new and never before tried (by me anyway). Since my teens I have always loved bold eyebrows and would always turn to powders to achieve this look. I felt like times were changing and maybe a more subtle brow would look good. So I purchased some things that caught my eye….

Eye Brow Products

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I was really happy to receive the ping on my Twitter informing me that I had a notification. Sincerely, Sylvia had kindly tagged me in a TMI tag! (Click here to check out her blog) I have seen these making the rounds and really wanted to get involved so was nice to be tagged in one :) So here goes……

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Evening Skin Care Routine

I feel like skin care at one time was a constant battle that I kept loosing! I tried everything to get my skin under control. Lately I feel like I have the balance just right and can finally rely on good products that sooth my skin and help with my confidence!

Shower Skincare numbers

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Glossybox March 2014

I am new to the world of beauty boxes and if I am honest I didn’t even know they existed untill recently! I posed a couple of days ago about my Birchbox I received (click here to see my post). I decided to order the Glossybox March 2014 also to try both and to see which I would like to subscribe to monthly.

GB Products

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La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo

For the past year I have noticed a massive change in the way my skin behaves. I always considered myself lucky with blemishes, of course I got the odd spot and could live with that! But I noticed I was getting more blemishes more frequently. The awful thing about blemishes is they really affect your confidence and for someone who didn’t really have a problem before I found it a real struggle to get my spots under control. Some days were worse than others and I even considered going to the Doctors to see if there was some miracle cure I was missing. Other sufferers out there will know how debilitating it can be. It sounds silly because you are perfectly healthy and some people are much worse off than yourself but it really does hit your confidence hard. I would find it difficult to go out without make up on and sometimes my make up would look awful because the skin underneath was so bad.

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Birchbox – March 2014

I hadn’t heard of Birchbox until I stumbled upon their website on my lunch break one day and decided to give it a try. I love to try new products but I find it frustrating buying whole size products that you potentially might not like. Its like Russian Roulette of beauty!

I was really impressed with the site, here are the links if you want to check it out the UK site & USA site. Signing up was easy and took no time at all, it was clear and even told me dates my payments would be taken and when to expect my box! I was then asked to complete a Beauty Survey all about my skin type, hair colour and what products I like to buy most. So far so good and I was really looking forward to finding out what was in my box. I received an email informing me my box had been dispatched and sure enough it turned up 2 days later!

BB Open

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Kiehl’s…where have you been!

I love having a sort out and finding make up and products I had forgotten about. It’s like shopping in Boots but in the comfort of your own home (and its easier on the bank card!!) I invested in the Alex tower from IKEA and there is a reason everyone buys this. It has a place for everything and I’m able to let my OCD run wild :)

While sorting out old from new and what was I thinking to where have you been? I came across my Kiehl’s samples. They were actually gifts and came in the most amazing red box tide up in a bow! I remember being hugely impressed when I received it for my birthday. But when we moved to our new home it got lost in all the boxes and bubble wrap! The two products that caught my eye were the Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. You might have seen my earlier post when I spoke about my new Lush Conditioner not really impressing on moisture (click here to read the post) this conditioner however is amazing!!

Kieh's Conditioner

Its smells like coconut and holiday memories…as well as the smell it is really thick and even a small amount leaves my whole hair covered in a luxurious hair mask. I was really impressed as most conditioners like that leave my hair greasy but this washed out no bother and my hair felt smooth and healthy. I will definately be purchasing the full sized bottle (starting from £8.50 eeek! you can purchase it here) but I think this would work really well as a treatment to help revive your hair when it feels like its needs a little pick me up!

The other product Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate……where do I start!? Just buy it…seriously leave what ever you are doing right this second and go buy it! It is a little pricey at £36 (click here for link to website) but ho lord this is some good stuff. I had to watch the YouTube video from Kiehl’s which featured a really helpful lady showing how to use the product as it comes with a plastic squeeze top (I think that is what it is called?? Its best I show you….)
Kieh's Midnight Recovery ConcentrateKieh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate lid


You literally need two – three drops on you fingers and you pat it around your face. Here is the link to the video so you can see a professional show you better than I can explain through the medium of descriptive blog! I have combination skin which can get dry so I used my moisturiser a couple of minutes after using this (giving it time to soak into the skin and do it’s magic!) I woke up the next day not really expecting much and was really surprised at how healthy and glowing my skin looked. This improved the base for my foundation giving me a dewy glow and really did boost my confidence! I am already running low on the sample and feel a trip to Kiehl’s coming on!

I’m really excited to try the other Kiehl’s goodies I came across in my big clear out and will keep you updated with my thoughts and let you know if I love those as much as these. Let me know if you love any of the Kiehl’s products that you would recommend to a recent convert! x

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